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[I am looking for challenging jobs in the field of Data Warehousing and ETL]


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about myself .......................................To-Top

Nationality: INDIAN.

Date of Birth: 13th May 1975.

Sex: Male.

Marital Status: Married.

Academics: BE (Electrical) May 1999. From University Of Roorkee, India (Now known as IIT- Roorkee) with 74% Marks.

Class XII & X First Division From CBSE Board (India).

Languages Known: English & Hindi.

My Strength: Hard working & Non Compromising.

Overseas Experience:  

1. New York (US) on H1 Visa: (Dec 2003-Till Date) On-Site Coordinator, Production Support.

2. New York (US) on H1 Visa: (Apr-Jul 2002) Developer, Requirement Management.

3. Singapore on Work Permit: (Nov-Dec 2000) Requirement Management, Data model Design.


about my skills ............................................To-Top

S/W Languages: SQL,PL/SQL, Unix Shell Scripts

Operating Systems: Windows, Unix.

Data Warehousing: ETL, Data-modelling, Reporting.

Informatica, Brio, ERWin, Cognos, Oracle 9i, Sybase, MS-SQL Server, MS-DTS, Crystal Reports.

Managerial: OnShore-OffShore co-ordination, Requirement Management, Change Control, Production Support, User Interaction, Team Management, Project Management.

about certifications ................................To-Top


1. Data Warehousing: 1. Concepts , 2. Management

2. RDBMS Fundamentals: Database Principles

3. Crystal Reports 8: 1. Getting Started , 2. Designing a Report , 3. Selecting Records , 4. Sorting and Grouping Data , 5. Creating Summary Totals, Reports, and Graphs , 6. Formulas and Functions , 7. Printing and Exporting Reports , 8. Linking Tables

about my employers...............To-Top

At Present I am working as ‘Consultant’ in Knightsbridge Solutions LLC , Chicago, IL, USA. [since Nov 2005].

Previous employers:

Wipro Technologies: I have worked in Wipro Technologies for 3 years. While in Wipro I worked for clients like JP Morgan & Chase, Deploy Solutions.

Kanbay Software (I) Pvt Ltd. Pune: This is a Chicago based company having main development centre in Pune, India. In this company I was working for clients named Morgan Stanley.

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS): I have worked in TCS projects while on deputation to this company by TIL. TCS gave me opportunity to work on Data Warehousing project for clients like GE-Aircraft Engines and also with GE-NBC TV Stations.

Tata Infotech Limited (TIL): Formerly known as Tata Unisys Ltd. (TUL) and renamed in 1997, TIL is one of the pioneers in India in the field of IT, with an international reputation for being a highly competent Systems Integrator and Solution Provider.

about my designation & salary............................To-Top

Working as ‘Consultant’ in Knightsbridge Solutions LLC , Chicago, IL, USA. My current yearly CTC is over $75,000.

about my projects ................................To-Top

0. Commercial Datawarehouse (CDW) Project - Abbott Labs(Nov 2005 – Jun 2006)

The commercial data warehouse initiative at Abbott Labs created a data warehouse environment to support the recurring and ad-hoc data analysis needs of the promotional and sales analytics operations groups. The project involved design, implementation, and testing of the data warehouse solution, and user training. I was responsible for the data analysis of source systems, ETL design, and ETL development using Informatica and Kalido. In addition, his team implemented an Audit, Balance, and Control (ABC) mechanism in the ETL architecture. I was also responsible for integration and system testing.
The technology environment for the project included Oracle, Business Objects, Informatica and Kalido. .

1. Operation Risk Management System (May 2003 – Till Date)

Operational Risks are defined under the Basel Capital Accord as "the risks of direct or indirect loss resulting from inadequate or failed internal processes, people, systems or from external events."

The Basel Capital Accord is to be implemented latest by 2007. All ‘big’ financial institutions must have a Basal – II compliant Risk Management System. The objective is to ensure that there is industry-wide monitoring of operational risk with creation of an environment where there is a minimum capital requirement for those institutions with sound operational risk controls.

Under this Project (done for a big US based Financial Firm) an integrated suit of tools were developed which enabled the Firm’s line of businesses to record and measure their Operational Risks and then generate capital figures based on the data collected over the years. It was developed around the specification of Basal-II and Serbanes Oxley Act.

I was involved from the beginning in the development of this project and was a member of technical database team. My primary responsibility was to convert Business requirements into ETL Routines. Later on I formed a part of on-site Production Support and change management team and was responsible for smooth onshore-offshore co-ordination, change/release management, user interaction and production support.

2. Brio Implementation Project for Deploy Solutions (Oct 2002 - Mar 2003)

Deploy Solutions is a Westwood, MA (USA) based company that specializes in software products for recruiting, hiring and retention business processes of global organizations to attract and retain the top talent necessary to compete in their core markets.

Objective of this project was to incorporate Brio Portal and SQR Server as the reporting front-end for their main Product Employ!.


Operating System- Sun Solaris 5.6 and Windows NT
Database: Oracle 8.1.7
Web server: Apache with JServ/Tomcat
Reporting Tool: Reports Builder and SQR Server 6.2
Portal Server: Brio Portal 7.0.2
Browser: IE 5.5, Netscape 4.7

3. Morgan Stanley Marketing Data Warehouse Project (May 2001 - Sept 2002)

In this project I was involved in creating complex Seagate Crystal Reports from Sybase Database. I also did some Cognos Transformer work.

I was also involved in training people in Crystal Report and Interviewing new resources for their skill in Crystal Reports.

4. Asia Data Warehouse (18th Nov 2000 - 22 May 2001)

This project involved developing a Data Warehouse for General Electric - Aircraft Engines (Singapore). The aim of the project was to source data from the present OLTP systems to the Datawarehouse and to create standard & ad-hoc reports from the Datawarehouse.

Role & Responsibilities: I was one of the members in the three-member requirement study team. My job was to understand the OLTP Database schema and the reporting requirements of the business users.

In the Design phase I was assigned the job of creating the Data Model of the Data Warehouse. During development I was responsible for all the ETL process. I led the team which created the ETL logic based on the Business Logic. Informatica Power Centre was used for ETL. Main tasks in developing ETLs were creating Mappings, Transformations and scheduling them. I also worked on other phases of the Project like Testing, User Acceptance and Implementation.


Oracle 8
ERWin ERX 3.5
Informatica Power Centre
Cognos Impromptu, Powerplay & Transformer.

5. TV Stations-Datawarehouse (Sep 2000- May 2001)

I was also working in parallel with this project. This was the Datawarehouse project of GE-NBC TV Stations Network. The project involved creating three Data Marts, which were to be populated from the OLTP Peoplesoft System. The Reporting Tool used was Seagate Crystal Report.

Role & Responsibilities: I was involved with creating Finance Data Mart. My job was to design the Data Model and write ETL Logic. I wrote PL/SQL Scripts and Unix Scheduling Scripts for ETL.
I was also involved in creating Standard Reports using Seagate Crystal Reports for other two Data Marts.

6. Compass Reporting (Sep 2000-Oct-2000)

This was a project of GE-AE. It involved creating Standard Reports Using Cognos Impromptu.

7. ISBS Product Support Group (May 2000- Sep 2000)

ISBS (Integrated Standard Banking System) is a product developed by TCS many years ago and now successfully working in hundreds of branches of various Indian & overseas Banks. ISBS is developed using Pro*C, Oracle-7, Forms as front end and it is on UNIX platform.

Role & Responsibilities: Writing Unix & PL/SQL scripts for the maintenance processes. Feasibility Study of Converting ISBS application into a Bilingual Application using Oracle Translation Builder.

8. Exploring 'ORACLE EXPRESS' as a Data-Warehousing Tool (Dec 1999-May 2000)

I. DSS Core Group (Phase II) Feb 2000- May 2000

This phase of the project was aimed to develop a Web enabled version of Decision Support System (DSS) earlier developed with a focus on requirements of Tax Agencies in USA for Decision-Making.
The Platform used is Oracle. The Job is accomplished by using HTML, Oracle Express Web Development ToolKit and Oracle Express Web Server. The language used was ‘Express Basic’ which is very similar to Visual Basic.

Role & Responsibilities: Worked as Designer and Developer for the development of Web enabled application which can be deployed on Internet so that DSS Analysis can be performed on Business Data from remote places. Also handled the GUI aspects of the project.

II. DSS Core Group (Phase I) Dec 1999-Feb 2000

This phase of the project was aimed to develop DSS application and to prepare a demo Decision Support System on Oracle Platform. The case of Tax Agencies in USA was taken as example. 'Oracle Express' which is a Data-Warehousing Tool is used for the purpose.

Role & Responsibilities: Worked as Developer to explore various tools provided in 'Oracle Express'. A DSS Application involving projects & briefings was developed.


Oracle Express Server
Oracle Express Administrator 6.2
Oracle Express Objects 2.2
Oracle Express Analyzer 2.2
Oracle Express Web Development Kit
Data Mart Designer
Data Mart Builder
Relational Access Manager

9. B.E. Final Year Project in C++ (Dec 1998-May 1999)

The title of the project was ‘Automatic Gear Control of Vehicle Under Fuzzy Environment’.
It was a software project developed in C++. The main objective was to use the concepts of Fuzzy Logic in selecting gears, taking speed of the vehicle as input. A hardware was also developed which measured the speed of a rotating wheel. Graphics package of C++ was used extensively to prepare the GUI and to display the results. A simulation of gearbox was also done on screen, which showed changes in gear positions.

about papers published......................To-Top

One of the papers co-authored by me and based on my B.E. Final Year Project Work got accepted and included in proceedings of a national conference. The title of the paper is :-


By:-Narayana Prasad Padhy, Indra Gupta, Pradeep Kumar Gupta and Rohit Gupta,

At: Proceedings of Sixteenth National Convention of Mechanical Engineers and All India Seminar on Future Trends in Mech. & Industrial. Engg. University of Roorkee, Roorkee. Sept 29-30,2000.

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A job that keeps me mentally, physically & spiritually occupied.

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